Mauro Sciancalepore, 22 yo, from Italy (BA). 

BSc in Computer Science, Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro.

Currently attending a master's degree in AI.

Student and freelance developer on Fiverr.

Android, Computer Vision and C++ addicted.

about me
Hello, I'm Mauro!

Spoiler alert: I won't list all the languages and frameworks I know, that's lame! (check my LinkedIn if you need that)

Keep scrolling to know more about me and my projects! 


It all started in 2010, when I got my first Android device, the almighty Samsung i5500, the cheapest Samsung device ever made!

It's useless to say that 256mb of RAM and a 600 MHz processor didn't allow you to have a great UX, even in the Android 2.1 era.

I had to do something, the nerd computer scientist that was in me, wanted to optimize that thing in some way!

I met XDA developers, the biggest Android community ever.

In 2013 I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S Advance and even if 768mb of RAM were better than 256, Android was evolving and the beloved JIT runtime was more and more hungry of resources. 

The i9070 needed a refresh.

It was there, that I actively started to share my custom roms and utilities on XDA.. and I didn't imagine how powerful an online, open-source based community could've been.

I have been an unofficial Android maintainer on XDA for a couple of years (known as hastalafiesta), then my beloved PC passed out (fired CPU. That was reasonable, since it took 9+ hours to fully compile an Android 5 system. Repeat this for 3 years) and I decided to switch to app development, a way more lighter process 🙂 

During those years I built strong skills in C and C++ development and still today, I have a big interest in 'low level', performance driven programming.

pt. 2: APP DEV

My passion for the Android system couldn't be over, that's why I wanted to give a shot to app development.

I self learned java programming thanks to an 'Android dev series' by TheNewBoston, a YouTube channel.

Year after year I've refined my skills, created a developer profile and realized a lot of apps, in order to explore and master Android programming. 

On Fiverr is one of my most clicked gig.

I leave you with this gallery with some of my projects.

Developer Profile

Computer Vision

Most of my Computer Vision projects have been developed for the Google Coral TPU (I own a Coral DevBoard). I have developed a distributed system where the Coral DevBoard is the server (accessible on the public internet too) that runs inferences, and a web/Android app that captures and sends the frames to it. Thanks to the TPU's high performance, the tracking is in real time, even when using a mobile internet connection (essentially the only delay is given by your ping).

I generally train my models using tensorflow + keras on Google Colab. 

Below, some CV projects developed by me. 

  • Arduino det. (mobilenetv2) Watch the demo on Youtube
  • Grapes det. (mobilenetv2)
  • Cells det. (mobilenetv2)
  • Pedestrians det. (mobilenetv2)
Desktop programming

On my personal blog you can find tutorials about programming, from Android to C++ library setups / integration.